Atlanta at a pivot point: Right-size transportation funding or founder

This week, Mayor Andre Dickens announced his support for four infill MARTA stations including one at a mixed-used development that would connect MARTA rail to the Atlanta BeltLine.

These projects—while potentially impactful—alone won’t constitute a long-term roadmap to the better transportation infrastructure Atlanta truly needs.

A reliable network of public transit, bus lanes, bike lanes, sidewalks, and crosswalks spanning every neighborhood would go a long way toward making Atlanta a healthy, sustainable city.

But despite a growing population and increasing demand for efficient transportation and improvements like these, last year, Mayor Dickens's administration reduced the Atlanta Department of Transportation (ATLDOT) operating budget by more than 12%, now standing at $50.3 million. This drastic reduction directly hampers ATLDOT's ability to manage a growing list of urgent projects and maintain safe conditions on our streets, a situation that should be of great concern to all Atlantans.

The City of Atlanta stands at a pivotal point.

We have the potential to dramatically improve our transportation infrastructure with adequate funding. Completing street redesigns like those on South Boulevard and Lee Street have the power to boost local business, improve our environment, and enhance the quality of life for our half-million residents.

Now is the time to raise your voice.

Through June, the mayor and city council will engage in discussions and public meetings to finalize the City of Atlanta budget. Now is the crucial moment to voice our support for this essential funding increase to fulfill the promise of “Moving Atlanta Forward” so that our city can thrive – now and for years to come. #KeepATLMoving

  • Rebecca Serna
    published this page in News 2024-04-08 10:27:03 -0400