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    July Atlanta Streets Alive: This Sunday!

    Join us for the July installment of Atlanta Streets Alive 2024! A monthly Open Street presented by the Atlanta Department of Transportation with support by Propel ATL & the Atlanta community. Atlanta Streets Alive opens streets for people by taking cars out of the equation for an afternoon to create a whole new healthy, sustainable and vibrant city street experience. Atlanta Streets Alive is a program inspired by open streets projects all over the world. Bring your bicycle or just your feet and get ready to explore your community streets in a safer, healthier, more livable way.  
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    Improving Atlanta’s Bus System: The Role of Transit Canvassing

    Propel ATL has worked hard this summer, canvassing bus riders across the Atlanta Metro area. We are raising awareness about the looming MARTA Bus Network Redesign and gathering information from riders on their daily transit experiences. 
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    3 things you can do for safer streets this month

    Here are three things you can do to to help make streets safer and better connected this month. 
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    And that’s a wrap! E-Bike Rebate Program, round one round-up

    Round one of Atlanta’s e-bike lottery concluded with more than 400 rebates for e-bikes bikes to applicants from every part of the city.
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    A win — at least for now — for Five Points

    Four weeks ago, our coalition of local leaders, mobility advocates, and transit activists launched a campaign to keep the Five Points MARTA station open to people walking, using wheelchairs and mobility devices, and riding the bus during MARTA's Five Points transformation project. 
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    New bike racks come to Midtown Promenade, near BeltLine

    In case you missed it, Propel ATL recently worked with Midtown Promenade, the shopping development on Monroe Drive and the Atlanta BeltLine, to add 27 new bike racks – so up to 57 bikes can park there at any time. They’ve also added a bike repair stand and some new parking lot pedestrian safety features. Some of the new racks are upgraded replacements for old racks, while others are new. 
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