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    Brittany Glover Drive

    Brittany Glover graduated from flight attendant school in August 2022. Three weeks later, she was crossing Hollowell Parkway near Finley Street when a motorist struck and killed her before speeding away. Yesterday, her mother called on Atlanta City Council to rename Finley Street in honor of her life, cut tragically short. 
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    Plans for Memorial Drive two-way protected bike lane

    Ever since two women were killed on a short section of Memorial Drive several years ago, we’ve set our sights on a safer corridor. Now, plans call for a new two-way protected bike lane connecting Pearl Street in Reynoldstown to Trinity Avenue Downtown!
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    No Turn on Red: How it makes walking in Atlanta safer

    This Wednesday, February 14, the Atlanta City Council will vote on whether to pass legislation to prohibit drivers from turning right on red in three neighborhoods: Downtown, Midtown, and Castleberry Hill.   This legislation, if passed, will save lives. It’s a clear win for making streets safer for people getting around in ways other than cars, and the right response to our city’s unnecessary and growing epidemic of vehicle injuries and fatalities. Here’s why.
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    Save the date for the 2024 Blinkie Awards May 1!

    Mark your calendar for an evening to celebrate the people and organizations working to make Atlanta a safe city to bike, walk, roll, and ride transit.  Propel ATL is thrilled to invite you to our annual Blinkie Awards on Wednesday, May 1 at The Eastern in Reynoldstown. This year's Blinkie Awards will celebrate some of Atlanta's most dedicated sustainable transportation advocates.
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    Be a Voice for Better National Transit on Transit Equity Day

    Transit Equity Day is this Monday, February 5! Established by the Labor Network for Sustainability, this event is celebrated annually on the birthday of Rosa Parks, a key figure in sparking the Montgomery bus boycott of 1955. Parks’ refusal to give up her seat, alongside the collective resistance of many Montgomery residents, led to the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision declaring segregated buses unconstitutional. This victory was a crucial step forward for Black and brown communities, who had been fighting, not just for seats on the bus, but for dignity and equality. This year, it’s also an opportunity to raise your voice in support of a bill to strengthen transit around the country.
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