Why Walk ATL?

Increasing pedestrian safety is a high priority for residents, neighborhoods, and civic organizations throughout the Atlanta region. Yet many neighborhoods do not become involved in the transportation planning process. Those who do participate often lack an understanding of effective safety improvements, transportation jargon, decision-making processes, and available funding sources.

  • Walk ATL is a community-based advocacy and safety training program that increases the capacity of residents of a neighborhood to advocate for safe, equitable, and accessible pedestrian spaces.
  • Walk ATL works with residents one neighborhood at a time to further their understanding of how to advocate for policies and investments that improve the spaces and support the pedestrian experience of their community.
  • Walk ATL focuses on community approaches and applies concepts from the Safe System Framework and the Principles of Mobility Justice. 

If your neighborhood is interested in learning more about how Walk ATL might assist your community, CLICK HERE to send us an email.  

More ways to get involved

If blocked or closed sidewalks and LIT or bike lanes are the issues in your community, CLICK HERE to fill out the form at the bottom of the page to report issues of mobility. 

If you want to begin learning more about transportation, join the next community advocates network meeting

Current Neighborhood

Working in partnership with the Mozley Park Neighborhood Association, we have:

  • hosted a community listening session facilitated by emergent labs
  • facilitated a "State of Walkability" workshop
  • conducted a road safety audit with Mozley Park residents
  • facilitated a "Designing Mobility Safety for your Community" planning session with the support of Georgia Tech's Urban Transportation class

We look forward to hosting more planning sessions this fall to support the development of a pedestrian action plan for Mozley Park.

Support Walk ATL

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