Atlanta Transit Coalition

Transit provides access to opportunity, prevents traffic fatalities, reduces congestion, contributes to a cleaner environment, prevents climate change, and enhances community and individual health. Countless individuals and organizations have worked to build and operate transit in our region, but despite these efforts, we continue to fall short when it comes to providing high-quality, high-frequency, accessible, and equitable transit service. Current coalition members include Propel ATL, MARTA Army, Southern Environmental Law Center, Partnership for Southern Equity, NRDC, Statewide Independent Living Council of Georgia, and the Georgia Chapter of the Sierra Club. 

Working collaboratively, we advocate for transit projects and services that

  • increase access to opportunity and prioritize equity (we track equity and workers' access to jobs via transit through the Atlanta Transit Equity Dashboard)
  • improve the quality of service and the rider experience
  • expand sustainable transportation options
  • deepen community engagement


Photo credit: Add Seymour

MARTA Bus Network Redesign

Propel ATL, MARTA Army, and Partnership for Southern Equity, with the support of other coalition partners, engaged over 1,000 Atlantans with MARTA’s bus network redesign project in 2022We sought out people who regularly ride transit – such as young people, people of color, and older adults – but whose knowledge is not always heard during conversations with government and agencies about transit. Based on their feedback and our coalition members' priorities, we created a set of desired outcomes for MARTA's bus network redesign.

Engagement activities

MARTA Army spoke with soccer practice attendees at the newly-inaugurated Station Soccer field at MARTA’s Lindbergh Center station, from athletes, to young people and their families, including many Spanish-speaking Latinx immigrants. People shared their experiences and preferences for the bus network redesign. 


Photo credit: Add Seymour


During the four-day Juneteenth Atlanta Parade & Music Festival at Centennial Olympic Park, Partnership for Southern Equity, MARTA Army, and Propel ATL spoke with hundreds of people about their transit experiences and what they want for the future bus network. Attendees were included a wide range of African-American families and individuals that were celebrating the emancipation and independence of all remaining enslaved people in Galveston, Texas, on June 19, 1865.


Photo credit: Add Seymour


Partnership for Southern Equity’s YES For Equity team led an IG Live conversation in which young people interviewed their peers about their transit experiences. 



MARTA Army spoke with older adults at Branan Towers, a retirement community in East Atlanta Village, about their transit needs and what would best support their access to the bus network. 

Propel ATL participated in the launch of Metro Atlanta Racial Equity Atlas (MAREA) to connect with individuals and organizations committed to a more equitable Atlanta and to share the coalition’s work to bring this perspective to transit advocacy. MAREA is an initiative that offers an “immersive, story-centric experience that contextualizes personal narratives with engaging, interactive community data and historical background.” 

Get involved


For Organizations 

Join the coalition: We meet biweekly to collaboratively develop advocacy initiatives for transit improvements. Contact us to learn more: email [email protected]

For Riders 

Share your preferences: MARTA is redesigning their bus network to improve bus efficiency, reliability, and connectivity. Most bus routes will be affected. We want to hear from transit riders - what’s your experience been riding MARTA buses? What are your priorities for MARTA’s bus network redesign? MARTA Army's survey will ask about you, your usual travel, what trade-offs you’re willing to make, and your overall satisfaction with the current system. It will take about 10 minutes to complete. The survey results will shape what we advocate for. Take the survey.

Share your experiences: If you ride MARTA, you have an opinion to share! Tell us about your concerns and suggestions for specific issues you’ve faced or for projects being planned. Email [email protected] 

Attend a MARTA Board meeting: Speak up for frequent, reliable, and affordable transit service, the More MARTA projects, and the bus network redesign. MARTA's board of directors meets regularly to address the ongoing challenges and opportunities facing MARTA. For past meetings and documents, visit MARTA's Board Documents page. To reach a MARTA Board member, email [email protected]. Tyrene Huff, Assistant Secretary to the Board (404-848-5352). Upcoming board meetings

Provide feedback directly to MARTA on these projects:

Visit MARTA’s public meetings webpage for more.


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