Atlanta Safe Streets & Transit Coalition combine to form advocacy supergroup!

No matter which part of Atlanta we call home, we all want safe, thriving streets and dependable transportation. That’s why we’re excited to announce the formation of the Atlanta Safe Streets & Transit Coalition, a unification of two successful groups who've made strides in the name of street safety and better transit.

A major lesson we’ve learned is that we can accomplish more when we work together, and we look forward to the progress our new, combined Coalition will achieve in the years to come!

Interested in getting your company, organization, community group, or other entity involved? Scroll down for the low-down on how to get in touch! We look forward to talking.

Background & accomplishments

In recent years, Propel ATL has convened organizations that care about safer streets and better transportation – and our collective advocacy has brought about breakthroughs including the City’s adoption of a Vision Zero policy and 25 mph speed limits to protect pedestrian safety in key areas of our city. These milestones testify to the positive change we can bring about when we work together.

  • In 2018, Propel ATL convened the Safe Streets Coalition, a group of organizations dedicated to transportation safety and mobility justice. In 2020, the Coalition worked together to advocate for the City of Atlanta to adopt Vision Zero.
  • In 2022, we assembled the Atlanta Transit Coalition, a collection of organizations invested in transit improvements. Together, we engaged over 1,000 Atlantans with MARTA’s bus network redesign project. The Coalition sought out people who regularly ride transit but whose voices are not always heard during important government and agency conversations about transit. The coalition then combined feedback from those residents and the priorities of coalition members to create a set of desired outcomes for MARTA's bus network redesign.

Join us to build a brighter future through collaboration

By working together, we can accomplish successes none of us can achieve alone, so we’re excited about unifying these two groups into a single, mighty coalition for safe streets and transit.

If you represent a company, organization, community group, or other entity and are interested in getting involved, please contact us to learn more! We have options for both low and high levels of commitment.

Contact: Rebecca Serna, [email protected]

We’re looking for people & organizations with diverse knowledge bases and backgrounds, including:

  • Public health
  • Housing
  • Advocacy
  • Environmental/Climate
  • Run clubs
  • Unions
  • PTAs (Parent-Teacher Associations)
  • Faith communities
  • Universities
  • Local businesses
  • Children and youth-focused organizations
  • Organizations focused on older adults and seniors
  • Tourism industry professionals
  • Food and poverty-focused organizations
  • Social media influencers