Call to Action: #bond4bikes

On March 17, 2015, Atlantans will head to the polls to vote on a quarter-billion dollar infrastructure bond. The project list for the bond hasn't been finalized because there are hundreds of streets projects competing for the same pot of money.

The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition wants 15% of the bond to build bikeways and Complete Streets.

We've already made some big strides on the the preliminary project list, but we need to fill in some gaps on the list if the bond's going to be great for you, for bikes, and for Atlanta.

[This post is being updated to reflect recent changes to the draft bond list.]


COMPLETE STREETS PROJECTS: We started with 11 Complete Streets projects and now we're at 14 citywide projects on the list. 

PROJECTS IN CYCLE ATLANTA 1.0: In order to connect the urban core, bikeways are going to be built as part of street resurfacing projects in the bond. Several streets, including Piedmont Ave, are now on the draft list.


CONNECTING THE CITY STREETS: Two Connecting the City priorities - Lee Street in SW Atlanta and Peachtree Street in Midtown, aren't on the list yet. Lee and Peachtree are flat, connect numerous destinations and neighborhoods with jobs and transit, and are an important part of our city's future bike network. Ask for their inclusion on the bond list. 

BIKEWAYS ON 16 STREETS IN CONNECT ATLANTA PLAN (Atlanta's comprehensive transportation plan):  Add bikeways to College Avenue, Murphy Avenue, Joseph E. Lowery Blvd, Marietta Street, Berne Street, Avon Avenue, Beecher Street, Lawton Street, Greenbriar Parkway, West Wieuca Road, Dill Avenue, Beverly Road, North Camp Creek Pkwy, Macon Drive, Old Hapeville Rd, Montgomery Ferry Road, Polo Drive, Lakewood Way, Oakland Drive, Stone Hogan Connector. The total cost of these projects comes to $9 million; bikeways would increase the costs only marginally.

Add core bike connections from Connect Atlanta like Capitol Ave - as Turner Field is redeveloped, Capitol Ave should be updated to reflect changing needs, to a more walkable, bikeable street.

FUND PROTECTED BIKE LANES: It's relatively cheap to enhance our bikeways with protective material. Bike lanes have recently been added to streets like Ponce de Leon, but painted stripes alone aren't enough to make biking safe, comfortable, or attractive. We need to add things like vertical bollards to protect cyclists on these bikeways. This fund would help build projects like a protected bike lane on Lee Street as well. 

EXTEND THE DEKALB AVENUE COMPLETE STREET: DeKalb Ave has been added to the list as a Complete Street. This includes bike lanes, turn lanes, and no reversible lane - big win! But this project shouldn't stop in the middle at Inman Park - ask for it to be extended to connect with the Decatur Street bike lanes.  

The community clearly gets it. Modern complete streets that do more than just feed cars through make our city better connected and more livable. Let’s make sure this bond moves us towards a walkable, bikeable, livable city by investing in bikeways and Complete Streets.

Take Action:

1. Attend the next bond meeting at City Hall on Tuesday, January 20th. You can also find upcoming bond meetings closer to you using the map below.

2. Contact your city councilmember & ask them to make sure we take advantage of the opportunity to build a true bike network while we're repaving roads and rebuilding bridges. Not sure who to contact? Find your councilmember here!

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