Close your eyes: now envision Peachtree Street

Imagine if the vibrancy of Atlanta Streets Alive were baked into the everyday experience of Peachtree Street. On November 2, 2023, Midtown Alliance kicked off a 6 month process to come up with a new vision for Atlanta’s signature street in Midtown. This exciting effort will go beyond the usual transportation plan to question how public space could be used to “create a new design language for the corridor” and rebuild a more livable street that draws people to it.

Ever since our founding as the Atlanta Bicycle Campaign in 1991, transforming Peachtree into a people-centered street has been a top priority of our organization. 

In 2016 we worked with the City of Atlanta and Midtown Alliance to dedicate a short section of buffered bike lane to our co-founder, Dennis Hoffarth, who championed this vision. 


Leading the way will be planning firm Kimley-Horn and global design firm Snøhetta – the very same firm who reimagined the Broadway corridor of New York City’s Times Square as a pedestrian space.

“Reallocating and reprioritizing – to balance vehicular spaces with active, human-centered places – is at the heart of this initiative.” 

Image credit: Johann Weber

As Midtown continues to grow denser, with much of the development happening along Peachtree Street, the community has sought ways to grow sustainably to better serve all who live and visit the area. 

There was Midtown Transportation Plan in 2016, Janette Sadik-Khan’s keynote remarks at the 2017 Midtown Alliance Annual Meeting, and the 2022 Midtown Community Survey. 

The survey asked community members to what they felt most needed to be improved about Peachtree Street. As you can see, slowing down motor vehicles and creating safe spaces for people biking and walking topped the list of priorities: 

Image: Midtown Alliance

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