Make an impact on the 2017 City Elections!



You and I know that riding a bicycle is a clean and healthy way to get to work and around town, a fun way to connect with your community and your neighbors, and, for many of us, a source of limitless empowerment.

But sometimes people need a little nudge and a whole lot of bike infrastructure to feel safe and comfortable on a bike. 

That's why we advocate for critical bike infrastructure funding for bike lanes, lead award-winning initiatives like Atlanta Streets Alive and provide free bike classes for all skill levels.

We know we can change people's minds by getting them on a bike and, in the process, transform Atlanta.

In 2017, we're stepping up our efforts to make Atlanta better by bike. We're focusing our attention on the Mayoral and City Council Elections. We'll be hosting a Mayoral Forum and Rolling Town Halls (i.e., putting politicians on bikes), and creating opportunities to meet the candidates at Atlanta Streets Alive.

This is your chance to support bicycle advocacy at a local level. Please make your tax-deductible year-end donation right now!



We live in uncertain times, but at least one thing is certain - you make our work possible.

Please make a tax-deductible year-end gift, and let's keep moving forward.

Yours for a bike-friendly future,

Rebecca Serna
Executive Director