Streets Alive: Photo Recap!

Wow, Atlanta. You biked. You skated. You rolled. You walked. Some of you even danced! And thousands of you turned out for the very vibrant return of Atlanta Streets Alive, showing what it looks like when we take cars out of the equation for a single afternoon to create a healthy, sustainable, and fun city street experience.

Scroll on to check out photos by volunteers Akilah Callahan, Ari Edlin, and Beth Smith from the September event!

Biking through Midtown during Streets Alive, Sept. 2023

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Next dates: It was so much fun, we’re doing it again. Join us Sunday, October 22, and Sunday, November 12 from 1-5 p.m. in the heart of Atlanta: Peachtree Street.

Thanks to the Atlanta Department of Transportation, who capably took over and ran Streets Alive this year. Thanks also to all the fantastic volunteers! We couldn’t do it without you. 

Volunteer: You can still lend a hand at the October and November events! 

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Rollerskaters at Five Points, Streets Alive, Sept. 2023

Roller-skaters at Five Points


Biking downtown


Streets Alive–not just for humans.


Biking downtown



Propel ATL’s Rebecca Serna welcomes us back



Strolling and scooting at Five Points



Streets Alive volunteers help keep everyone safe



Dance party on Peachtree!



Rollerblading through Streets Alive



Peachtree Center, downtown Atlanta



Making music


People tour one of MARTA's electric bus fleet 


Folks visiting Propel ATL


Chalk art on Peachtree Street


Kids lounging



More cute dogs!


Sharing a treat


People taking MARTA trains to and from Streets Alive