Announcing our New Walk ATL Partner

We are excited to announce UrbanTrans North America as the transportation planning consultant for the Walk ATL program!

Photo Credit: Propel ATL

Stepping Up Our Transportation Planning Game 

We've worn our 'Propel ATL is small but mighty!' badge with pride, but let's face it, we're not transportation planners.

We gave it our all to achieve some  grand aspirations: 

  • safer, easier, and more accessible transportation options, 
  • a transportation decision-making process without confusing jargon, and 
  • empowered community voices in the planning process. 

In our quest to achieve those aspirations, we realized we needed help. So, we are excited to announce UrbanTrans North America as the transportation planning consultant for the Walk ATL program. 

The UrbanTrans Atlanta team will lead the engagement process for and develop Pedestrian Safety Action Plans for the Mozley Park and Oakland City neighborhoods. Residents will have the opportunity to conceive walking conditions that improve pedestrian safety and mobility. These plans will harmonize community experiences and recommendations with data to provide safety solutions for each neighborhood.

While we are not transportation planners, we are experienced at collaborating with residents and community advocates to achieve safety, equity, and mobility in the development of thriving communities. 

We represent the ability of everyday residents to mobilize in order to create an Atlanta where everyone moves safely, easily, and sustainably throughout the city. 

Photo: Mozley Park Walk ATL community walk audit

Working with UrbanTrans will allow us to focus on that collaboration with the Mozley Park and Oakland City neighborhoods, as they provide the technical expertise needed to create actionable safety plans. 

Stay tuned for updates on our progress next month. 

Walk ATL is our community-based advocacy and safety program that supports residents in creating a measurably safer pedestrian experience. Help us increase pedestrian safety in more neighborhoods around Atlanta. Visit our donate page to give today!

Funded by a generous donor and The TransFormation Alliance.