2nd annual Transportation Roundtable highlights need for realistic funding

“Put your money where your priorities are.” Those words, from Atlanta City Councilmember Byron Amos summed up a major theme that emerged at Propel ATL’s second annual Transportation Roundtable on Tuesday, February 20. 

Photo: Stephen Dennis / Atlanta City Council

“It really starts this year with the budget,” said Councilmember Amos, “and as they say: Put your money where your priorities are, for us to really begin to fund the positions that are needed … Let’s bring some people in to get these projects moving.”

As noted in Saporta Report coverage of the Roundtable, the City last year cut ATLDOT’s funding by 12%, to about $50 million. As we’ve noted before, that’s three times less than other similarly-sized NACTO cities, whose median transportation budget was $164 million. An understaffed department cannot reasonably be expected to take on hundreds of transportation projects.

While the City has said that $50M is only one part of a larger "arsenal" of transit funding which includes dollars from TSPLOST and two bond funds, the fact remains: ATLDOT is under resourced in terms of staff, and a handful of project managers cannot be expected to take on 100+ projects.

What’s next

This year’s robust attendance and participation by Council members and residents was inspiring. After all, there have never been more opportunities to engage and make our streets safer and more inclusive. 

In case you missed it

Check out the photos and video clip below! Photos: Stephen Dennis / Atlanta City Council | Video: Shoot Mia Shoot Photography

Photos: Stephen Dennis / Atlanta City Council