Cascade Road/Avenue

[This page has been updated with information about changes to the project that resulted from advocacy campaigns. For status updates on the Cascade project, visit the Renew Atlanta / TSPLOST webpage. Construction was initially scheduled to start in December 2020 but as of January 2021, it has been postponed to summer 2021.] 

Cascade Road, Cascade Avenue, and Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard are three sections of one critical corridor that serves dozens of Southwest Atlanta neighborhoods.

Two of the three sections, Cascade Road and Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard, are part of the High-Injury Network and ranked among the most dangerous roads in the city of Atlanta. The third section -- connecting these two High Injury streets -- is Cascade Avenue.

On January 19, 2019, David Gordon, a 52-year-old beloved longtime resident of Cascade Ave, was struck and killed by a driver while crossing Cascade Ave. He was in a crosswalk. The collision happened less than a quarter-mile mile from where the street name changes to Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard.

A “Complete Street” project was proposed in 2016 to address the hazardous conditions on Cascade Avenue, where David lost his life, but the construction funding was cut due to budget shortfalls. At the same time, thanks to the persistent work of community leaders and local advocates, in March 2019 Cascade Road in District 11 received funding to become a Complete Street. (Complete Streets are roads with safe spaces for people in all modes of transportation, whether they are walking, biking or scooting, and driving.) A section of Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard in Westview was funded as well and completed in 2018. 

🎉 Party Popper Emoji Following a community-led #RespectCascade action to highlight the urgent need for safety improvements on Cascade Avenue, the City of Atlanta revised the Cascade Complete Street project to include some safety improvements that could be added during the street resurfacing. Elements include bus stop enhancements, bicycle lanes, and pedestrian safety improvements.

We will continue to support communities along Cascade Ave in calling on the City of Atlanta to keep the vision of a safer, more accessible Cascade corridor alive. 

On the crash heat map below, the intersection of Cascade Avenue and Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard is marked by glowing red and yellow embers, meaning many people walking have been hit by cars at this crossing. 


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  • Asanta Mizell
    signed 2023-09-24 02:14:16 -0400
    I was the last car the blue Mazda belonged to me, to be hit June 3 2020. My neck is broken for life and I’m 100% paranoid and traumatized. I cried for my son he was supposed to already be with me that day. I drove way to Brookwood valley apartments and back without my son cause his dad WASN’T THERE. He almost to my baby from me. I just knew he took my baby. Inl always have my son. He’s a sickle cell SS warrior. I’M so thankful God seen it coming. He made it where Logan wasn’t going to be going home that day. Both my back doors seat were sitting on my backseat ! You can only imagine how they would’ve done my baby… I’m 27 years old And we were homeless at the time. I’m not stable and making it day by day. Please save a life. They got responsible has stood up and faced his consequences. Now it’s time for my city to do the same thing. I actually stayed on off Harlan Rd when baby Harlan came. We need sidewalks, cameras , and bigger neatly built streets. Originally from ATL born at Southwest hospital.