Donate Stock

Donating stocks or appreciated securities is a particularly impactful way to support Propel ATL. By donating stocks, 

  • Neither you nor Propel ATL must pay capital gains tax, meaning that Propel ATL will receive the full value of your stock; 
  • You can receive a charitable tax deduction for the full market value of your gift; 
  • You will make a significant contribution (perhaps larger than you could afford if you gave cash) that furthers the transportation advocacy that you care about. 
  • The capital gains that you would otherwise have to pay taxes on turns into a deduction that will save you taxes on your normal income.

You may also leave Propel ATL stocks and mutual funds as a legacy gift. 

Propel ATL partners with Stock Donator to securely accept stock donations. To take advantage of this savings, please visit Stock Donator, and select Propel ATL from the drop down menu, and proceed to enter your stock donation information. 

If you have any questions on how to donate stock, please feel free to contact Stock Donator or Propel ATL at [email protected]