Operations and staff updates: Summer 2020

A lot has changed since we last gave a staff update in Spring 2019 and published our first series of actions in response to COVID-19 in March 2020. The public health pandemic continues to affect our operations, programs, staffing, and advocacy. Read more for more adjustments we've made this summer.  

Thank you for continuing to support our mission and work. You are what powers this movement! 

Please reach out if you have ideas or questions.  

Atlanta Streets Alive

One change is especially painful for all of us who love Atlanta Streets Alive: we are placing the planned weekly pilot program on hold until the public health risk subsides and the City of Atlanta begins allowing large gatherings and issuing permits again.

This was a difficult decision for a number of reasons, including the implications for our team and the communities who have helped grow this program.

If there's any silver lining on the disappointment we feel, it's seeing how people continue to turn to biking, walking, running, scooting, and skateboarding on our streets, and the passion for streets that put people first. 

Organizational Updates

As a result of Atlanta Streets Alive being on hold, we had to say farewell to our Atlanta Streets Alive program manager Heather Luyk. Heather worked with dedication and creativity for the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition since December 2015 and her many accomplishments include our longest-ever Atlanta Streets Alive route (Cross-City, 2019). She developed partnerships with many of you as volunteers, representing community organizations, or running businesses that supported our open streets initiative. Please join us in wishing her the very best -- we’re confident she will continue to contribute to Atlanta’s civic landscape.

Photo credit Rand Lines Creative

In other staffing news, 

  • Due to the generosity of Mailchimp and our participation in the inaugural cohort of the company's Power to Grow program, we're hiring our first-ever Development Director
  • Since the departure of Operations Director Keisa Bruce-Steele -- a key figure in our organization’s growth and maturation -- in November 2019, we’ve been operating without a staff person to support our day-to-day financial operations and other administrative duties. We’re now hiring a Finance & Admin Manager - please share with your networks. This is a 30 hour/week position with full benefits.
  • Coming this fall: we’ll hire a Campaigns & Communications Manager

Budget revisions

We entered 2020 with a 6-month budget as we started the transition from a calendar financial year to a fiscal one. Then after COVID-19 hit, we had to revise the 2020 budget due to reduced revenue projections, especially business contributions and sponsorships. Your donations are a big part of what keeps our wheels rolling and feet moving. To contribute today, visit atlantabike.org/donate.

In preparing our first full fiscal year budget for FY 2021, we had to make some tough decisions based on the environment of uncertainty.


Office space

One of those is relinquishing our office space -- both to avoid spending time and energy closing/re-opening/closing the office, and to save money. We transitioned to remote work in March 2020 and plan to stay fully remote for the next year at least.

We loved being on Wylie Street in Reynoldstown for the past four years and thank building owner Kronberg Urbanists + Architects for their generous support. For leasing inquiries, contact Jason Eden with Cross-Town Realty.