What makes a great street? West End is re-envisioning Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard

On a recent night in the West End, community members gathered at a local brewery to brainstorm ways to improve Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard. 

The “Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard Great Streets Study” is an initiative of the West End CID, supported by the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Livable Centers InitiativeThe goal is to come up with solutions that make using this corridor safe and pleasant for everyone, by all types of transportation.

But that's not all!

There are two planned, funded projects coming on Ralph David Abernathy (RDA):

  • State of Georgia: West of Metropolitan, RDA is a state route. The Georgia Department of Transportation is currently repaving this part of the street. There's a multimodal safety project to install a 4-to-3 lane road transformation with bicycle lanes and signalized intersections and new left turn phases, along with leading pedestrian intervals! Project ID: 0018324
  • City of Atlanta: East of Metropolitan, RDA is an Atlanta city street. It's being restriped through the Moving Atlanta Forward infrastructure package, expected completion in in 2025. Moving Atlanta Forward plans describe this project as "installation of on‐street protected bike lane and other safety improvements where feasible." 

Sign the petition to support these projects: 

West End CID's photos and presentation:

West End re-envisions Ralph David Abernathy | 2023 Bonus: Save the date to help shape South Boulevard into a better street! Thursday, November 16, 2023 at 6 p.m. at the Georgia Hill Neighborhood Center
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