2019 Priorities





Champion Atlanta Department of Streets & Mobility (aka ATL DOT)

  • Department is founded on safety and equity
  • City budget funds ATL DOT, including community engagement
  • City begins search for ATL DOT leadership
  • City forms Safer Streets (Vision Zero) working group

Advance towards safe streets for all Atlantans

  • City delivers Complete Streets and Quick-Build bicycle infrastructure projects
  • Raise awareness of Atlanta's High-Injury Network
  • Expand our impact throughout the city -- starting with Southwest Atlanta, where two-thirds of Atlanta's 10 most dangerous streets are located
  • Garner community involvement in the movement for safe streets through our Atlanta Streets Alive and Bike Champions programs
  • Further establish Shifting Gears 2nd grade bicycle safety and skills curriculum in Atlanta Public Schools
  • Launch our Bike, Family! program in Shifting Gears school communities
  • Amplify the voices of community advocates for safe streets

Create new 3-year strategic plan that significantly advances ease of mobility for all Atlantans

  • Engage our members & stakeholders in considering a shift toward multi-modal transportation advocacy
  • Further develop the partnerships and resources that enhance our ability to achieve greater impact