Bike safety and the Atlanta Streetcar

Atlanta's new streetcar starts service Tuesday, Dec 30 and people on bikes should use extra caution to stay safe. Share your ideas on how to raise awareness of bike safety and the streetcar, share your story if you've crashed on the tracks, or get involved by signing up here to volunteer. 

The Atlanta Streetcar will run along a 2.7 mile loop on Auburn Avenue, through Woodruff Park, on Peachtree Street, Ellis Street, Carnegie Way, Andrew Young International Boulevard, Luckie Street, Park Place, Edgewood Avenue, and Jackson Street. 

Over the past few years, ABC has advocated for bike safety signage (both on-street markings and traditional signs), removal of confusing "no bikes" signs, posts to prevent cars from parking in the bike lanes at conflict points, resurfacing of Edgewood and Auburn, continuous bike lanes on Auburn, and flange filling to keep bike riders safe.

Unfortunately, these fixes haven't been made yet, although we're hopeful some of the list of above will happen soon. In the meantime, several folks have crashed on the tracks, including experienced riders and commuters.

While we continue to work with government partners to enhance bike safety around the streetcar, we're also looking for ways to raise awareness of bike safety and the messages below.

Got an idea? Please share it in the comments.

Are you one of those who's crashed? Share your story to prevent someone else from having to experience it.

Safety Tips

Cross tracks riding slow & steady. Don't turn or shift your weight while on tracks. Before crossing, position your bike so wheels are perpendicular to tracks. Hop off and walk across when it's misty or raining. Tracks when wet are very slippery.

Don't ride between the tracks. From the eastside heading into downtown, ride Edgewood all the way. From downtown heading east, ride Auburn between Woodruff Park and Jackson, where you can turn back onto Edgewood.

Be especially careful where streetcar tracks curve, such as at Jackson, Park Place, and under the interstate.

The streetcar weighs 100,000 pounds and is powered by an overhead electrical system – which means they are very quiet when operating.

A streetcar going 20 miles per hour takes almost 60 feet to stop.

Stop at all red lights - there may be a quiet, slow-to-stop streetcar heading for the intersection.

Never, ever try to pass the streetcar.

Volunteers wanted to help make the streetcar safer for people on bikes - please sign up here.