#Budget4Bikes - $2.5 Million in the FY2019 City Budget

We’re advocating for $2.5 million in funding for bike infrastructure and maintenance in the city’s FY2019 Budget. The funding will help the city set realistic goals for bike network expansion that can be delivered in a single political term. At approximately $100,000 per mile, the city could build 20 miles of bike lanes annually. Along with projects with other funding sources, this would help reach our goal of 200 miles of bikeways by 2021, while also setting aside $500,000 annually for maintenance."

Let's make sure the city budget reflects our future priorities. Tell your councilmember to #Budget4Bikes before the Monday, June 18th, Council Meeting!


The first round of projects we propose funding would come out of those already planned in Cycle Atlanta 1.0 and 2.0 which total approximately 28 miles (city staff has indicated that there may be more unfunded miles than previously reported). See the excerpt from the 2017 Atlanta Bicycle Report below.cycle_atlanta_2.0.PNGcycle_atlanta_2.0-map.PNG

In addition to setting a goal of 200 miles of bike lanes by 2021, dedicated funding for bike infrastructure would also support the city's Comprehensive Transportation Plan goals (pending adoption):

  • Mode Split Targets to get more people to bike, walk, and take transit; fewer people driving;
  • Safer Streets policy to reduce traffic fatalities to zero and eliminate serious injuries.

The FY19 Proposed City of Atlanta Budget can be viewed at FY19 Proposed Budget.

You can also watch the budget public hearing where ABC staff and members voiced their support for increased funding for bike facilities and maintenance here: Budget Public Hearing video.

29:30 Neill Davis
34:20 Steven Cousins
32:18 Josh Mendez Harper
26:13 George McDonald
44:30 Bennett Foster
1:09:37 Gordon Graves

City Council is scheduled to adopt the FY2019 Budget on Monday, June 18 and the Mayor Bottoms will approve or veto any of the adopted ordinances on Friday, June 29, 2018.

Let's make sure the city budget reflects our future priorities. Tell your councilmember to #Budget4Bikes before the Monday, June 18th, Council Meeting!

Don't know what to write? Here are some points for your message or email:

Subject: I Support dedicated funding for bike facilities and maintenance

  • Describe yourself and how much you appreciate bike facilities - if the councilmember has been instrumental in getting or supporting bike facilities, then thank them!
  • Tell them how lack of bike access affects you and your loved ones.
  • Ask them to dedicate $2.5 million to build more facilities in Atlanta with the goal of 200 miles by 2021.
  • Include your address.

Need to find your councilmember? Look up your councilmember here: Find My Councilmember!