Cascade Road/Avenue Complete Street Project Moving Forward

If you bike east from Beecher Hills on Cascade Road, you know it already has a short section of bike lane that gets you tantilizingly close to the Kroger Citi Center, but stopping suddenly just before you get there, right at the trickiest part. That section is slated for improvements funded through the Renew Atlanta bond, but it's not a done deal yet. The City’s Renew Atlanta/TSPLOST team just completed its final round of public meetings for the Cascade Road/Avenue Complete Street Project. Read more for the latest, and how you can help address safety challenges on this important road.


The project has two phases. Phase 1 of the project, shown in blue above, consists of two segments that extend from the Atlanta city limits to Willis Mill Road, and from Delowe Drive to Avon Avenue. Phase 2, in green, extends from Avon Avenue to Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard.

In addition to improved access to the Cascade Springs Nature Preserve, both phases include bicycle facilities, trails and streetscape improvements, thanks to local advocates for the improvements.


On Crash Heat Map above, the intersection of Cascade Avenue and Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard is marked by glowing red and yellow embers - meaning many people walking have been hit by cars at this crossing. Community members have long expressed concerns about this intersection that serves multiple streets, the Kroger Citi Center and the Atlanta BeltLine Westside Trail. Currently, it lacks a turn lane and poses a safety risk to people who bike, walk - and drive. 

More info on Phase 1 & presentation shown in March

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You've still got time to voice your support for safety improvements to this intersection.