And that’s a wrap! E-Bike Rebate Program, round one round-up

Round one of Atlanta’s e-bike lottery concluded with more than 400 rebates for e-bikes bikes to applicants from every part of the city.

E-Bike odometer close-upPhoto credit: Edison Bicycles

Clara Kelly, an Adams Park resident, said she was “absolutely thrilled” to have won a rebate. "Buying an e-bike wasn't really a possibility for me before the lottery,” she said, “and I'm so excited to be able to zip around town and transition to a less car-dependent lifestyle."

Round one granted $500,000 in rebates to people purchasing e-bikes, with three-quarters of those funds going to people earning 80% or less of the Atlanta region’s median household income. According to Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) figures, 413 rebates were given out during this round. The total number of applicants was 8,888.

One clear takeaway? With even more funding, this program could meet even more of our city’s overwhelming demand for e-bikes. Think of it: With $5 million in funding, every applicant would have a 50/50 chance of being selected for a rebate. With $10 million? Everyone who wanted a rebate could get one – meaning every Atlantan who wanted this more affordable, sustainable form of transportation could access it. We’ve come this far. Let’s continue to dream big.

We are thrilled about the win this program represents for getting around in Atlanta. It increases transportation options for Atlanta residents in a measurable way, and after years of advocacy, we’re excited that it’s become a reality. Big thanks to the City of Atlanta and ARC for making this happen for our city! 

What’s next

ARC is now confirming the eligibility of round one lottery winners and issuing rebates on a rolling basis. It expects to finish by the end of July. 

If you didn’t win a rebate this round, round two is expected to start in August – and you can still apply! Look for an email from ARC and make sure you opt in to be entered in the next round.

For more updates and info about the Atlanta E-Bike Rebate Program, including how the program got its start and upcoming e-bike classes and events, visit our program webpage.


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