Fund Essential Transportation advocacy

2020 Fall Fundraiser - Essential Transportation

Everyone needs mobility. We know this and you know this. 

The pandemic has exposed just how critical safe, convenient, and affordable transportation options are for people—especially people whose jobs require them to show up in person. What Atlanta needs now are tireless advocates for essential transportation needs so they can be served by sustainable types of transportation. 

Despite the dire nature of the challenges we are all facing, we take heart in seeing many people trying new ways of getting where they need to go. Community desire for safe streets with decent options for all kinds of movement has never been more widespread! 

Today, we invite you to invest in our future and Atlanta's transportation future. This fall marks one year since our board adopted an ambitious new strategic direction--one that takes us beyond bikes. Your contributions will allow us to build advocacy campaigns and resources that build walking and transit into our advocacy portfolio. 

Please donate to our essential transportation—essential advocacy fund today by visiting

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Your investment will help us:

  1. Hold the City of Atlanta accountable to complete projects in existing transportation plans by mapping, tracking, and providing updates about sustainable transportation projects
  2. Ensure the City of Atlanta's Vision Zero program centers racial equity and safety
  3. Collaborate with advocacy partners on transit campaigns to improve bus network access for people who rely on it the most
  4. Train community and school advocates to advocate for changes to key high-injury corridors
  5. Support workplaces and schools to adopt sustainable transportation policies that lead to significant public behavior changes
  6. Lay the groundwork for a weekly Atlanta Streets Alive pilot program on Peachtree Street
  7. Gain influence for our  policy platform by building public and political support during the 2021 Atlanta city elections

With you on our side, we can help build an Atlanta where everyone moves safely, easily, and sustainably throughout the city.


Thank you to the companies who make this work possible: