Shape the search for next ATLDOT Commissioner

With the recent departure of Commissioner Josh Rowan, the Atlanta Department of Transportation (ATLDOT) is in need of new leadership. Right now the Mayor’s Office is finalizing the interim commissioner, with an announcement likely within the next two weeks. Next begins the official Commissioner search, a process expected to take about four months. 

Of course, securing new leadership is only one step in a longer process to continue to build the most effective department possible. The next step is just as key - the new Commissioner must shape the organization in a way that lets it prioritize the very ambitious One Atlanta Strategic Transportation Plan and make faster progress on safety, equity, and mobility in our transportation systems. As ATLDOT embarks on its next stage, we want to hear from you! 

We advocated for a standalone Department of Transportation for years before it was formed, culminating in a successful campaign in 2017:

Today, the Atlanta Department of Transportation (ATLDOT) has been in place for three years. We understand the challenges they and other government agencies have faced–from startup mode they were thrust into a pandemic that’s still affecting staffing and supply chains and the City of Atlanta’s procurement issues go beyond transportation–and we’ve been advocating behind the scenes to remove those roadblocks.

However, we did have higher expectations for project delivery when the department was first created. 

In this next stage of ATLDOT we will continue to advocate for safer streets and the larger systemic changes needed to deliver them. We must lay the groundwork for a more robust department. 

We’ll also keep focus on the policies and allocation of resources needed to make Atlanta more equitable, and keep pushing for the people and communities most impacted by ongoing racial injustices, systemic oppression, and racial disparities to be prioritized. When we all have good transportation options it helps everyone share in a more prosperous, inclusive society. 

What do you want to see in the next Commissioner? What qualities should they embody? What experience should they exhibit? 

  • Please send us your input and ideas in any format (written, video, audio, etc) to [email protected] by July 22, 2022. We plan to compile and share your responses with the Mayor’s Office and on our blog. 
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