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GOAL: $25,000.00



2015 was the year Atlanta laid the foundation for its future as a bicycle friendly city.

In 2015, with your support, we successfully brokered the deal for the first Chief Bicycle Officer at City Hall and won $32.5 million for Complete Streets and bikeways in the Renew Atlanta Infrastructure Bond. Because of you, Atlanta's future is on two wheels. Now let’s ride the groundswell of support you’ve helped us build to get to the next level. 

In 2016, we'll work with the city on the next phase of the Cycle Atlanta Study to build out the bike network, connecting to the BeltLine and the city's core. We'll launch a street-specific “Test Before You Invest” bike infrastructure program leading up to Atlanta Streets Alive days, and create a bike-friendly business district program.

Why does it matter? 

  • The first phase of Cycle Atlanta did not include a bikeway to Southeast Atlanta, an important connection for many of you. In phase 2.0, ABC will advocate for bike lanes on key corridors in SE Atlanta based on member and community input. "Connectivity is increasingly important in our cities.  Unfortunately, many neighborhoods on the Southside of Atlanta are still disconnected from each other," says Jeff Delp of Carver Neighborhood Market. "McDonough Blvd provides an opportunity to connect the Westside to the Eastside; Thomasville to Adair Park; the Atlanta Beltline Westside Trail to schools, parks, neighborhoods, and businesses along the corridor."
  • The Test Before You Invest program is a low-cost way to demonstrate the utility and popularity of bike projects, especially on streets where a bike lane represents a big change from the status quo, like Lee Street in Southwest Atlanta. As Brent Brewer of People for a Livable Lee put it, "Livable Lee should take a DIY approach. What ways can PEOPLE make Lee Street more bikeable?" Your donation will help Brent and our community partners test out a protected bike lane on Lee Street, hopefully in tandem with Atlanta Streets Alive. 
  • The Bike Friendly Business District program will provide much-needed recognition and motivation for business districts that are doing more and more to attract people on bikes. That's good for all of us, because Atlanta's business community is a powerful force in setting city priorities. A thriving Bike Friendly Business District program will make a strong statement about their support.