Peachtree Street for a New Era

How do you design Peachtree Street for a new era? The answer's in the street - its past, present, and future. You can be part of the next chapter of our most iconic street when you visit Atlanta City Design's Shared Street Pilot at the Atlanta Streets Alive - Central on Sunday, September 30th. Through this pilot, we want you to experience a street that's a destination worth traveling to, not just driving through.

During Atlanta Streets Alive - Central, the Atlanta City Studio will transform Peachtree Street between John Portman Boulevard and Andrew Young International Boulevard into a demonstration of the shared street concept proposed in the Downtown Atlanta Master Plan adopted by City Council in December 2017.

A shared street would reduce the crossing distance and eliminate barriers between patrons and businesses, maximize the public space on Peachtree Street, and allow people on bikes, in cars, and walking to share the street at safe, slow speeds.

In addition to introducing the concept as an interactive experience, Atlanta City Studio staff will be available to chat with you about this people-focused vision for Peachtree Street.

At our Atlanta Bicycle Coalition tent -- also located in the Peachtree Center Activity Hub -- you'll get to participate by sharing how you currently interact with Peachtree Street and what would make that experience better through a Living Infographic.

Visit Atlanta Streets Alive - Central to Learn More About the Route

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