The stories below were gathered from families of people killed in crashes in 2022.

The memories they shared illuminate each individual's impact and future prospects, accompanied by the deep sense of loss their families, friends, and communities have experienced. It is especially tragic that each of these fatal crashes could have been prevented. If you have a loved one who was killed or you were seriously injured in a crash, we'd like to hear from you. Email us to share your story.

Quanisha Ball: Living plan-by-plan

Everyone around her saw it: Quanisha Ball was coming into her own. Read more

Brittany Glover: Grounded dreams

Everybody said the same thing. She had just called them and she’d seemed so happy; she couldn’t be gone. This news felt impossible.  Read more

Emanuel Biggs: A member of the family

At First Iconium Baptist Church in East Atlanta, Emanuel Biggs was family. Read more