City Cycling Class - Bike Month 2021 Edition

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It's Bike Month 2021 - Let's Celebrate!

On May 3rd, the Georgia Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) Capital to Coast bike safety event launches in Atlanta. The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition will be leading a city cycling safety skills class and ride.

We will practice three critical skills to employ when cycling city streets.  Whether you are riding Atlanta streets as a necessity - going to work, the pharmacy, the grocery store, or to an appointment -- or just want to move your body, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is here to help you navigate your trip. There will be free e-bikeshare on hand if you need a bike for the class.

Our 120-minute program is as follows (join us for all or any portion of this Bike Month event):

11:00 Meet at Piedmont Park's Charles Allen Gate.  Pick up goodies and safety information.
11:15 Join a bike instructor in the park to practice critical skills - signaling, scanning, and changing lanes.
11:45 The Georgia Office of Highway Safety, Midtown Alliance, and Central Atlanta Progress kick off our ride with updates on their crash-reduction efforts.
12:00 We roll out as we make our way for 1.6 miles on Midtown streets where we will apply the three critical road safety skills.
12:30 At the ARTS Center MARTA, we learn how Atlanta's transit system is set up for bike-train or bike-bus connectivity.   MARTA donated free, 2-trip, loaded fare cards for riders.

The goals of the class: (1) experience the joys of riding a bike and (2) reducing bicycle-related injuries and fatalities.  

You will be reminded of the CDC's Social Distancing and Prevention Guidelines that apply to people on bikes at the event and on the ride.  Wear a mask; stay 6' apart.


Midtown Atlanta - Powered By Midtown Alliance




May 03, 2021 at 11:00am - 1pm

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