City Cycling - Bike Month !

To participate in the program, RSVP below, and you will receive a virtual Zoom meeting link for the May 18th Pre-Ride. You will receive a meeting link for the Post-Ride before May 25th. Sign-ups are limited to the first 50. Here you can learn about other classes to join.

If you missed part 1, join us for part 2 to pick up some new skills.

Whether you are riding our city streets to get to work, the pharmacy, the grocery store, or an appointment, or you are wanting to get out, move your body, and enjoy the outdoors, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is here for you.  This month's 2-part City cycling class is open to all but timed to prepare folks for end-of-month bike activities in Clarkston and Avondale Estates.  Check out these cities' Bike month calendars:


Avondale Estates

In this class, you will:

  • learn how to do an ABC-Q check to make sure you're bike is ready to go
  • fit your helmet
  • plan a route 
  • learn communication strategies
  • know how to be predictable 
  • enhance critical safety skills - turning, scanning, and stopping 

Know that our bike instructor for this class, Stephen Spring, has 20+ years of experience as an ELL-certified public school teacher.  Both the written and the taught curriculum will employ strategies to ensure our emerging bi- and multi-lingual participants can fully engage.

Our Program:

  • May 18th Pre-Ride - a virtual gathering where we build community, share skills, and share challenge rides for all skill levels
  • May 19th through May 24th - take up one or more skill- and confidence-building challenge rides alone or with old and new friends
  • May 25th Post-Ride - a virtual gathering where we 1) share our experiences through conversation, photos, and video and 2) celebrate your accomplishment and talk about what's next.

We are committed to your safety as you negotiate the city streets for transportation, essential services, and recreation. We'll remind you of the CDC's Social Distancing and Prevention Guidelines that apply to people on bikes.


This free, two-part class is provided with the support of the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety. 

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May 25, 2021 at 5:30pm - 6:10pm
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