South Boulevard Complete Streets: public engagement on design begins (again)

By Phill Kelly, GPNA transportation committee chair In some ways, it feels like we are starting from scratch. After two years of COVID-era delays, the South Boulevard Complete Streets project seems to have all-new everything: a new team of designers, a new traffic study, more surveying crews, and importantly, a new focus on Vision Zero for the upcoming final concept design. This news was shared at a community meeting about the South Boulevard project hosted by Atlanta City Councilmember Jason Winston and the Atlanta Department of Transportation (ATLDOT) on Thursday, November 16. Read more

The places in Atlanta that could benefit most from an easy, lifesaving signal fix

By Heather Mase, Graduate student in Georgia Tech’s School of City and Regional Planning and Research Assistant with the Friendly Cities Lab, guest blogger In the past decade, nearly half of all Atlanta’s reported pedestrian-involved vehicle collisions occurred within 100 feet of a signalized intersection. One in ten resulted in serious injuries to pedestrians — or death. In real numbers, since 2013, at least 178 pedestrians have been seriously injured and 40 have been killed in Atlanta’s intersections. Read more

Blast from the past: Howell Mill Complete Street project gets going!

It's not every day the City of Atlanta begins a two+ mile Complete Street project that's been on the books for eight years! On Tuesday, December 5, 2023, we joined Mayor Andre Dickens, Councilmember Dustin Hillis, the Atlanta Department of Transportation, and the Upper Westside Community Improvement District in celebrating the Howell Mill Complete Street groundbreaking, moving the project into the active construction phase.  Read more

It’s Time to Take Action on Atlanta’s Pedestrian Death Epidemic: A Statement from Propel ATL

It’s time to make a change. In 2021, 31 people were struck and killed by cars in the City of Atlanta while walking, just trying to get where they needed to go. This year, this unfortunate trend got worse, with 38 people killed while walking inside Atlanta city limits. Even one death is too many. We are seeing way too many. As news reports tell us, this local pattern is part of a national problem: The number of pedestrians being killed by cars is the highest it’s been in four decades. But we can choose to be better than that, Atlanta. Read more

The Peachtree Shared Space Pilot: Back for Dec. 3 Streets Alive!

Do you remember the Peachtree Shared Space pilot? Three blocks of Downtown Peachtree Street transformed into a space for people, with two vehicular lanes instead of four, opening up space to walk, roll, bike, and even dine out at cafe tables. The tactical urbanism project, removed by the City of Atlanta after nine months in March 2022 after at least one powerful detractor’s loud opposition, is returning — in smaller scale — during the next Streets Alive on Sunday, Dec. 3. Read more

“38 Reasons Why” Data and Stories Behind Atlanta’s Soaring Pedestrian Deaths

“38 Reasons Why,” a new story map from Propel ATL, provides key geographic, demographic, and storytelling context for a disturbing increase in Atlanta pedestrian traffic deaths, highlighting the human lives behind the statistics and providing recommendations for making our roads safer spaces for everyone. Read more

Giving Tuesday 2023

We need your help to raise $20,000. Join us in making Atlanta streets, safe, inclusive, and thriving spaces for people to ride, walk, and roll. Giving Tuesday is coming up on Tuesday, November 28th, but don’t wait to make your gift — donate today. For more than 30 years, Propel ATL (formerly the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition) has fought to transform our streets so that all Atlantans can safely ride, walk, and roll. Atlanta can be a city where everyone moves safely, easily, and sustainably. Your contribution will help make that vision a reality.     Read more

Alert: South Boulevard meeting Nov 16

Community members living near South Boulevard have waited since 2016 for safety improvements to create a more complete street. In 2021, we joined community members in advocating for changes to the City of Atlanta’s proposed design. Two years later, residents still experience the risks of high-speed traffic on this unchanged corridor. Now, we have a chance to push for a street redesign that would help achieve Vision Zero and support Atlantans in using more sustainable transportation to get around.  Read more

Close your eyes: now envision Peachtree Street

Streets Alive is back + Westside Stride debut

Two great opportunities to experience healthy, vibrant open streets in Atlanta are just around the corner. And it’s October, so a costumed bike parade is definitely part of the festivities. (Read on for details!) These events are fun – but they’re more than that. We’ve all learned some truly worrying news about pedestrian safety in Atlanta. Open streets encourage us to dream: What if our streets were designed as safe spaces for people getting around by foot, wheelchair, bike, and bus, 365 days of the year?  On to the details! Read more

Making e-bikes more affordable

Earlier this year, we partnered with the Atlanta City Council to advance the idea that e-bikes could be a bigger part of the solutions to our transportation woes – if they were more affordable for more people. As a result, the City of Atlanta formed a working group tasked with outlining the program and identifying an organization to run it.  Now, the idea takes a big step forward with legislation to fund a $1 million pilot program! The resolution, introduced by Councilmember Matt Westmoreland, calls for the program to be managed by the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC). Propel ATL will lead outreach, engagement, and education for this initiative.  Read more

What makes a great street? West End is re-envisioning Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard

On a recent night in the West End, community members gathered at a local brewery to brainstorm ways to improve Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard.  Read more

Bringing a protected bike lane in the West End to life!

Atlanta Artist Ashley Bella is partnering with MARTA Artbound and the Atlanta Department of Transportation to paint 150 cement barricades that will form a bike lane on Lee St along the West End MARTA station. You can help!  Read more

Streets Alive: Photo Recap!

Wow, Atlanta. You biked. You skated. You rolled. You walked. Some of you even danced! And thousands of you turned out for the very vibrant return of Atlanta Streets Alive, showing what it looks like when we take cars out of the equation for a single afternoon to create a healthy, sustainable, and fun city street experience. Scroll on to check out photos by volunteers Akilah Callahan, Ari Edlin, and Beth Smith from the September event! Read more

It’s almost Biketober!

This year’s celebration of all things cycling is packed with events and activities for riders at all levels, from folks who’ve never biked, to those loving the city’s vibrant cycling community.  Read more