Atlanta Transportation budget shortfall update

On Tuesday, May 21, Atlanta residents voiced their support for safer streets and better transportation options at the City Council’s public hearing on the proposed 2025 budget. The proposed budget fails to repair a paralyzing cut the administration made last year and doesn’t even keep up with inflation, adding just a 2% increase for the Atlanta Department of Transportation (ATLDOT). Read more

Progress on safer pedestrian signals

More LPIs coming to Atlanta, thanks to research & advocacy Great news! Advances are happening on the pedestrian front.  The Atlanta Department of Transportation (ATLDOT) says it will add more leading pedestrian intervals or “LPIs” to the city’s intersections. By the end of 2024, more than 220 traffic signals will receive this simple safety treatment, in addition to the 149 LPIs already in place.  What is an LPI? LPIs make our streets safer by giving people traveling by foot or wheelchair a head start crossing the street – simply by turning on the “walk” symbol before drivers get a green light. This brief but crucial lead time improves pedestrian visibility and safety, meaning fewer people get hit by cars. Read more

Photos from May Streets Alive!

“I’ve only ever driven past Peachtree Street…I’ve never walked down the middle of it.” That’s a quote from one person who finally got to see what streets for people was all about this Sunday, as three miles of Atlanta’s signature thoroughfare closed to cars so that people could walk, roll, bike, skate, and scoot!  Read more

UPDATE: Atlanta E-Bike Rebate Program

Atlanta's long-awaited e-bike rebate lottery is almost here. Here’s everything you need to know. Read more

May Atlanta Streets Alive: This Sunday!

Join us for the first Atlanta Streets Alive of 2024! A monthly Open Street presented by the Atlanta Department of Transportation with support by Propel ATL & the Atlanta community. Atlanta Streets Alive opens streets for people by taking cars out of the equation for an afternoon to create a whole new healthy, sustainable and vibrant city street experience. Atlanta Streets Alive is a program inspired by open streets projects all over the world. Bring your bicycle or just your feet and get ready to explore your community streets in a safer, healthier, more livable way.   Read more

Propel ATL: Specialized E-Bike Raffle

Enter to win a $3,500 E-bike from Specialized! Read more

Informed Advocacy Session

Have you been waiting for improvements promised in the 2022 'Moving Atlanta Forward' project or wondering about the uncompleted projects from as far back as 2015? The answer lies within the complexities of our city's budget—and right now, it's the perfect time to get involved because it's budget season. Read more

The 2024 Blinkie Awards in photos!

On a beautiful spring evening, 200 Atlantans came together on the rooftop of The Eastern in Reynoldstown to celebrate the people working to make Atlanta a safer, more equitable, and enjoyable place to get around.  Read more

Boost Atlanta Department Of Transportation Funding To Match Urban Peers

ATLANTA, GA – May 6, 2024 – Despite a growing population and increasing demand for efficient transportation, the recently announced FY 2025 transportation budget fails to repair a paralyzing budget cut the administration of Mayor Andre Dickens made last year. In fact, the FY 2025 budget announced last week doesn’t even keep up with inflation, adding just a 2% increase for the Atlanta Department of Transportation (ATLDOT). Read more

May is Bike Month–Here’s your activities round-up!

Fun fact: Bike Month — which celebrates all the ways people bike — was established way back in 1956! Bike Month 2024 is teeming with ways to celebrate getting around on two wheels in Atlanta, and we’ve got the low-down for you.  Read more

Huzzah! Meet our 2024 Blinkie Award winners

On Wednesday, May 1, Propel ATL will meet and celebrate with the people working to make Atlanta a better city to bike, walk, take transit, run — and use wheelchairs, strollers, skateboards, rollerblades, and more at its annual Blinkie Awards, held from 6 to 9 p.m. at The Eastern. An opportunity to celebrate our community's successes and hard work, this year’s awards will be hosted by Atlanta’s own Mark Kendall, a comedian with his finger on the pulse of the city. We? Are so excited. Awards this year go to elected officials, residents, and organizations making a difference in metro Atlanta. Read more

A tale of two pedestrians…and now, a third

Two Atlantans were recently killed while walking, within a week of each other. Each loss was tragic and unnecessary. One, you’ve likely heard of through media coverage raising the important question of safer street design for pedestrian safety. The other person was victim-blamed with the headline “Pedestrian dies after walking in front of car,” despite a lack of witnesses.  What they had in common: streets designed to prioritize car traffic, not people.  Addendum: And now a third unnecessary death has been added to that list. That’s three too many. Read more

Years of advocacy pay off with Atlanta’s release of Action Plan for Vision Zero

This week, the Atlanta Department of Transportation (ATLDOT) released its Action Plan for Vision Zero, a roadmap for ending traffic fatalities in our city. This is a success worth celebrating and a direct result of years of campaigning by Propel ATL to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries. We’ve seen the damage and life-altering outcomes crashes inflict. Many of us have been affected personally or lost someone we loved to traffic violence. And that’s why this is a milestone worth celebrating. Here’s how it came to be.  Read more

Atlanta Safe Streets & Transit Coalition combine to form advocacy supergroup!

No matter which part of Atlanta we call home, we all want safe, thriving streets and dependable transportation. That’s why we’re excited to announce the formation of the Atlanta Safe Streets & Transit Coalition, a unification of two successful groups who've made strides in the name of street safety and better transit. A major lesson we’ve learned is that we can accomplish more when we work together, and we look forward to the progress our new, combined Coalition will achieve in the years to come! Interested in getting your company, organization, community group, or other entity involved? Scroll down for the low-down on how to get in touch! We look forward to talking. Read more

Streetviews: Forsyth Street gets some bike/LIT lanes, Edgewood Avenue bike lanes keep it separated

Forsyth Street and Edgewood Avenue get some long-overdue attention...not to mention bike lane improvements! Read more