And the Blinkie Award for Bike-Friendly Neighborhood goes to...

And our Blinkie Award for Bike-Friendly Neighborhood goes to... Read more

And the Blinkie Award for Local Bike Shop goes to...

And the Blinkie Award for Local Bike Shop goes to... Read more

And the Blinkie Award for Local Bike Initiative goes to...

And the Blinkie Award for Local Bike Initiative goes to... Read more

And the Blinkie Award for Bike-Friendly Business goes to...

And the Blinkie Award for Bike-Friendly Business goes to... Read more

ABC adds two new staffers

Teamwork, collaboration, and partnerships are a big part of how we operate at ABC. Our small staff makes our efforts go further by working with volunteers, community members, and other organizations. That's part of why we're so excited to announce our two latest hires - Communications & Outreach Manager Jordyne Krumroy and Community Engagement & Volunteer Coordinator Haydée Santana! Both women bring a passion for outreach and engagement to ABC, along with great experience and connections. What's more, they've both volunteered and worked with us in other roles in the past - Haydée with bike valet and volunteers, Jordyne with bike tours and classes, and so they already know us and are familiar with the Atlanta bicycle advocacy scene. Please help us welcome them to our full-time staff!  Read more

The Blinkies are back!

Happy birthday to better biking! 2016 is the 25th anniversary of your Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. We'll be celebrating this milestone all year, starting with our annual Blinkie Awards & Member Party. Read more

Interview with Dantes Rameau of the Atlanta Music Project

Dantes Rameau lives in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of SW Atlanta and runs the Atlanta Music Project, a nonprofit that provides intensive, tuition-free music education for underserved youth in Atlanta. Read on for our interview with Dantes, and his take on "human scaled transportation." Read more

Peachtree Road Response

This afternoon, the Georgia Department of Transportation called to let us know about the decision not to include bike lanes when they restripe a 1.4-mile stretch of Peachtree Road. We were disappointed, of course, but we are heartened that these GDOT traffic engineers proposed the bike lanes to begin with. In cities across the country, bike lanes are becoming standard in new roadway designs; traffic engineers understand the importance of making streets safer for all users. Given the well-documented traffic nightmares on Peachtree Road, change was certainly needed, and we’re happy that the new plans will include a center turn lane, which will improve traffic flow and make the road easier to navigate in any vehicle. However, it’s a shame that the safest street design--one that would have included bike lanes--is not the one that will move forward. Read more

Let’s Kill the “Cycletrack”

“Cycletrack? Isn’t that the thing that bikers race on?” a friend asked me recently, swirling her fingers in the air to indicate the circular track she imagined bicycles speeding around. And it’s reasonable that after hearing the term “cycletrack,” her mind would jump to spandex-clad racers sweating over their handlebars, much as she would imagine runners sprinting around race tracks and horses galloping around horse tracks. Read more

Renew Atlanta Infrastructure Bond Update

Atlanta voters overwhelmingly supported the Renew Atlanta infrastructure bond in a special election on March 17, 2015. Renew Atlanta allocated 13.2% of the bond, or more than $33 million, for complete streets projects. This marked a big win for building safer streets throughout the City of Atlanta! Last week the Technical Advisory Committee met for the first time - check out the progress made so far! Read more

Clarkston hosts its first open streets event

Earlier this year, the City of Clarkston and the Clarkston Community Center were presented with an opportunity. With a grant in hand to enhance awareness of bicycling and bike safety, they wanted to try to reach more people than just a bike class could. The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition encouraged Clarkston to try an open streets initiative, to give residents and supporters the chance to experience biking and walking on streets where they might normally feel unsafe outside of a car, while building community and having fun together. ABC agreed to provided some guidance on planning, and assistance with marketing and design as partners, but the real stars were the Clarkston community members and leaders! Thus Clarkston Streets Alive was born. Several short months later, despite heavy rain and temperatures in the 40s, Clarkston Streets Alive carried on as planned on Sunday, November 8th. Nothing could stop the City of Clarkston and the Clarkston Community Center from hosting their first open streets event.  A bike parade kicked things off, with community organizations set up near the Clarkston Community Center, on N. Indian Creek Drive. People were able to walk, bike, and play on the 1.2 mile route. There were a variety of activity partners present - MARTA brought out a bus so people could test out how to load a bike on the front rack, Refuge Coffee Co. served up very welcome warm drinks, and Atlanta Contact Point provided unicycling lessons to the curious. All in all, it was a great Open Streets event (despite some not-so-cooperative-weather) and we at the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition were delighted to see another community embrace the open streets concept. Read more

Interested Atlanta and Buckhead residents pack the house for GDOT Peachtree Road Meeting

                    After months of negative media attention on the GDOT Peachtree Road project that would add a combine two lanes to make a center turn lane and add bike lanes with the remaining space, both sides of the issue were represented at last night's heavily attended GDOT Peachtree Road meeting at the Shepherd Center. Read more

Atlanta Streets Alive takes over Peachtree Street in Downtown and Midtown Atlanta

More than 61,000 people flocked to Atlanta Streets Alive on Peachtree Street from Downtown to Midtown on bikes, skates, feet, wheelchairs, and more to spend time with friends, family, and neighbors. Read more

5 Things We Love About Atlanta Streets Alive Peachtree

Our final Atlanta Streets Alive of the year is this weekend on Sunday, October 25th, from 2-6 p.m. on Peachtree Street. Peachtree is Atlanta's iconic street, and we'd love for it to become a model street for biking and walking in Atlanta. For four hours, Peachtree Street will accomplish just that. Read more

Why Your ABC Membership Matters

Maybe you’ve seen new bicycle infrastructure pop up around the city in the last five years. You may have heard about Atlanta's first Chief Bicycle Officer. You may have even felt like Atlanta’s become more bike-friendly and a better place to ride your bicycle with friends and family. Heck, your bike commute to work might be a little easier – despite the massive truck blocking the new bike lane! Who makes this all possible? Read more